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The Grapevine Social Club

A monthly membership to an Elite Facebook Group of business owners who want to grow their businesses and simplify their social media.

Coached personally by The Grapevine Pro

Stop scrolling and start creating!
We will be giving you the trends as they happen.  Links to the audio will be at your fingertips with tutorials on how to create the Reels and ideas on how to use them for YOUR business.

Stop feeling overwhelmed by all the changes being made.
We will provide up-to-date changes and discuss how they will affect your account.  We will teach you how to use any changes to your benefit.

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Do you want:

-Access to marketing help without the huge costs?

-Do you want to manage your own account without the stress of figuring out everything on your own?

-Do you want to know trends as they happen without having to scroll for hours?

-Do you want access to creation tips, great apps, tricks and tutorials all in one space?

-Updates on changes to the platform and how it will impact your account?

-Do you want to learn from a Marketing Coach with over 25 years of experience?

-Do you want to learn from a Social Media Manager that has created numerous Reels that have reached over a million views?

-Do you like the idea of having access to a fabulous club of like-minded entrepreneurs?


I'll Be Your Coach, Your Mentor & your biggest Cheerleader!

Hey, I am Melanie and I am so excited to share this invitation to you to join my club!  This Facebook group grew out of a need I saw for my coaching clients, once the coaching was done, there was no follow-up, no way of continuing to help them and everyone has asked for an inexpensive way to continue.

So Here it is!

On this Facebook group we will create an amazing community and I will be sharing my tips and tricks and so many goodies I have learned from managing multiple accounts for over 6 years.  I will also be sharing my business and marketing knowledge that I have gained with over 25 years in marketing.

So, no matter what your business is, you are invited to join our club!  See you soon!

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"honestly, I like creating the Reels, it's the time it takes to scroll and find the trends that I find frustrating.  I can't wait for this Facebook Group to elevate that frustration"

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Sign me up!

I want to Join The Club

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  • What areas do you work in?
    Our social media management and coaching can be done remotely, so wherever in the world you are, we can be too! Our photography, drone and content creation videography locations are Greater Niagara Area and Greater Toronto Area, in Ontario, Canada
  • Do you teach social media to groups?
    Yes! We love training groups or teams. We also will do larger workshops and trainings. Contact us for custom options.

Have more questions if this group is right for you?
Contact Me Directly

text:  905-630-8932 

DM on Instagram @thegrapevinepro

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